Corporate Services Department

The department is responsible for providing strategic direction, leadership and management oversight in Finance and Accounts; Human Resource & Administration; Information  Communication Technology; and Corporate Communication.  This is to ensure alignment of the human resource strategy to the corporation strategy, prudent utilization of the financial resource, enhancing the corporate image of the agency.

The functions entails: –

  • Coordinate Finance and Accounts, Human Resource & Administration, Information Communication Technology, and Corporate Communication in the Agency;
  • Initiate the development of policies, plans and strategies in the functional areas of Finance, HR and Administration, Corporate Communications and Information and Communication Technology services;
  • Foster a culture that promotes team capability and reflects the values which facilitate performance, professionalism and innovation by staff;
  • Ensuring comprehensive financial planning, prudence in financial management discipline in treasury management, financial accounting and budgetary controls in line with the financial management Act;
  • Coordinating the overall accountability for planning directing and executing all human administrative strategies policies and activities;
  • Oversee planning, directing and executing all human resources strategies, policies and plans;
  • Ensure effective implementation and compliance with all legislative requirements relating to corporate services;
  • Coordinate Agency’s Management Information Systems and security;
  • Coordinate technology infrastructure in line with the Agency’s goals and changing technologies;
  • Provide technical, strategic and policy advice on ICT matters and implementation of various ICT work processes, procedures and other administrative related matters;
  • Ensure conducive work environment in the Agency; and
  • Development, review and implementation of communications strategy to support the Agency’s objectives.
  • Coordinate security, cleaning, transport and logistics services;
  • Coordinate repairs, maintenance and improvement of equipment and assets;