Corporation Secretary & Legal Services Department

The department is responsible for making applications for preservation and forfeiture of assets under Part VII to XII of the Proceeds of Crime and Anti-Money Laundering Act. The department is responsible for providing corporate secretarial services in accordance with Mwongozo Code of Governance for State Corporations.

This department is responsible for the following functions: –

  • Provide legal advice and undertake litigation on behalf of the Agency;
  • Draft and review documents, contracts, and other legal instruments;
  • Initiate and undertake research on complex and emerging legal issues;
  • Liaise and guide investigators to ensure sufficient collection of evidence;
  • Prepare reports on the outcome of cases to ensure appropriate strategies are developed and implemented to manage the challenges encountered;
  • Engage in alternative dispute resolution mechanisms in assets recovery cases;
  • Review existing legislation on assets recovery;
  • Facilitate inter – Agency collaboration and cooperation on investigation;
  • Engage in International Mutual Legal Assistance in investigations and proceedings through the Office of the Attorney General;